Varicose veins are a cause of much worry and embarrassment to anyone that suffers from them. They are the thick blue veins that bulge or stick out, and often appear in your legs and thighs. There are many ways to try and remove them, but in this article we will focus on why they have arrived in the first place. It may help you prevent from developing more. Read on for the top causes of varicose veins to see if there are any changes you can make to avoid more appearing:


Unfortunately many people inherit the propensity to develop varicose veins from their family. Women are particularly susceptible because these swollen veins are highly linked to hormonal imbalances. Obviously there is not much you can do if you have inherited this affliction, but you can still find other ways to deal with them and stop them from getting any worse. Varicose veins certainly get worse with age, because the veins lose their elasticity.

Not Enough Exercise (And Obesity)

Exercise is great for pumping blood around the body and improving overall circulation. If you don’t exercise you will probably find that you develop varicose veins sooner or later. By carrying out regular gentle exercise, such as walking, running and swimming, you will be doing lots to stave off the onset of them. If you are overweight, then you are putting a lot of extra pressure on your body to carry its blood around. Losing weight will help you in all sorts of areas of your health and your confidence, and you will also notice that unsightly veins can reduce in size, and in some cases disappear altogether. Taking good care of yourself is always a good idea, so make the commitment.

Clothing and Shoes

Clothing that is too tight has been known to cause varicose veins, so always opt for loose fitting clothing. High heels are terrible for your feet and legs for all sorts of reasons, not least the increased risk of varicose veins. Tight and high shoes restrict the blood flow to your legs, leading to all sorts of problems.

Other Lifestyle Choices

There are several other lifestyle choices that really increase your risk of developing varicose veins. For example, if you regularly take hot baths, this can cause your veins to swell. Too much exposure to bright sunlight is also a very big factor, so always cover up and make sure you use a high SPF sun cream. Too many saunas can definitely increase your risk too, so if you are a sauna addict then at least make sure you flex and rotate your ankles regularly while you are in there.

Making sure you drink plenty of fresh water every day will help, as will avoiding alcohol and caffeine which can leave you dehydrated. If you would really like to get rid of your varicose veins for good then you should consult with a medical professional, but in the meantime make sure you don’t develop any more by avoiding the items above.


Today’s featured writer, Tori Wilson, is a cosmetician at Renovo MD, a clinic for coolsculpting in Shrewsbury, MA. She is a fun loving person who enjoys listening to music in her spare time.

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