Lower Back Pain-Sciatica Treatment Options

Lower back pain is nagging and can inhibit your essential daily life. However, sciatica is worse than the aches and pains of an aging spine. It is deeper than that and radiates a pain throughout the leg and lower spine. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It starts in the spine and moves down through the lower spine and into the buttocks. This is caused by trauma to the lower back, pregnancy, tumors, internal bleeding and degenerative disc disease.

Many who are suffering from this disease are unsure what to do about it. It is important to know that there are options when it comes to treating your lower back. Most sufferers will typically approach their physician who may or may not advise they go to a chiropractor. For many who have never been to a chiropractor the first visit may be nerve wracking. The historical image of the “back cracker” is scary. Plus, many associate the cracks with pain. The chiropractor is trained on how to persevere and prevent injury to the spine. The manipulations that they use to treat the lower back may sound scary, but are typically fast relief for the sufferer.

Just as you crack your knuckles without pain, so too does a chiropractor with your back and neck. Many times the first visit will be an evaluation period. This is the time when they review your past medical history to see if you have any trauma. Trauma to the spine can occur from car accidents and sports related injury. So the chiropractor will want to evaluate your level of trauma by having you fill out a form and talking with you about it. Then in most cases, in order to evaluate if you have sciatica or another issue the chiropractor will order an X-ray.

Myths About Chiropractors

  • Chiropractors will hurt you- No, they won’t and in most cases the spinal manipulation will feel very nice.
  • It is very costly- Most visits are only $35.00 or less.
  • You have to remove your clothing- You can have your symptoms evaluated without de-robing

Chiropractic care is the main mode of ensuring that your back is pain free. However, in many cases sciatica will always be there if that is the pain you’re experiencing. Sciatica is very distinct from other types of lower back pain. It can cause horrendous issues with moving, standing or sitting.

Chiropractic services for your back

Chiropractic Care

How to Identify Sciatica

  • The pain can tingle
  • The entire lower back and buttock region will go numb
  • The pain can cripple your ability to walk

Sciatica is usually caused by degenerative disc disease or a collapsed disc. The nerve can be damaged due to trauma or simply from infections. The treatment for this issue depends on the severity. Many patients who are suffering from degenerative disc disease will be placed on a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medication, monthly treatment with a chiropractor and home exercise remedies. The same treatment will apply to other patients. However, as each patient is unique so too, is each mode of treatment. A chiropractor will evaluate you on a case by case basis, so it is important to let them know all of your symptoms.

Treatment Options

  • Pain medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Home exercise regime

There are great options out there to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible. Treatment needs to become part of a daily routine for many who suffer. The stretching of the lower back and legs can help with the pain. Also, those who have been diagnosed and turned to yoga have had a high pain free success rate. Always pay attention to your posture and do not push yourself too hard when exercising. A gentle exercise program will strengthen and stretch your core muscles. The regime, if done daily will enhance your ability to walk, stand, stretch and move. Low back pain can be managed and with consistent work can sometimes be alleviated.

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Back Pain Heals Better With Yoga – New research

This is a guest post contributed by Jack Woo

According to the latest research, doing yoga daily is more effective in healing your chronic back pain than other conventional back pain treatments. There are also more side effects as a result of using the conventional treatments, such as painkillers and muscle relaxants.

The researchers closely monitored 228 adults who suffer from acute and chronic back pain problems. They were separated into three groups with two groups attending daily yoga sessions and the remaining group doing different exercises for a few weeks.

At the end of the program they discovered that half the participants who attended yoga sessions felt much better compared with only 20% of the other group.

Yoga exercises

Yoga exercises

Yoga is not just a form of meditation as some people perceive it and the benefits are not just limited to strengthening muscles, improve flexibility and balance. Yoga is an extremely good therapy for relieving back pain, shorten recovery time, reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. Practising yoga daily will help improve your posture and keep your spine in proper alignment, which is essential in back pain treatment.

There are many forms and poses of yoga and not all can help your back pain. In fact some can even worsen your back condition. It is best to attend classes under the guidance of certified yoga instructors as they can advise on what poses are suitable for you.

Back strengthening poses serve not only to strengthen your muscles around the spine, but also help to activate your kidneys and tonify your body. Back releasing poses will help to reduce tension and muscle spasm and improve spinal mobility. These exercises will help to nourish your back muscles and muscle tissues, and are good for people suffering from back pain, especially lower back pain. Stretching other muscles in your body such as the hamstring and thigh will make them stronger and more flexible and lessen the amount of stress on your back. This will finally reduce the tension and back pain.

Performing poses on the floor are easier than standing poses as they require less strength and balance. One very important aspect of doing yoga is to learn how to breathe properly, especially when holding the poses. Choose poses with longer hold times (inhaling and exhaling) as they are easier to do.

When you master the art of deep and rhythmic breathing, your body will relax, freeing you of pain-inducing restrictions and eases proper circulation.

Do not eat at least one to two hours before you practise yoga and refrain from drinking too much water before the session.

You should practise yoga daily for an average of 30 minutes, depending on your schedule, objective and fitness level. It is better to practise more often with shorter duration than less often with longer duration as this will produce better result.

If you are seeking relief from back pain, yoga is certainly one of the best lower back pain exercises. Like all forms of exercises, do not push your body to the limits. If you still experience pain after doing yoga, stop and consult your doctor.

Jack Woo has a special interest in back pain, having suffered from it in the past. He shares with you his experiences and many back pain treatment options and prevention tips.

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