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There is hope for people who suffer from constipation. A specially designed toilet seat that can ease this problem is now available in the market. It looks like an ordinary toilet seat, with a protrusion that fits between the tailbone and the anus.

The protrusion or knob contains nano silver which will prevent infection and also the back part of the rectum from overstretching.

The toilet seat known as Colerec, was developed by using Posterior HPS. This is the latest technology for the treatment of perinal disorders including anal fissure, haemorrhoids and constipation. HPS (Hai’s Perinal Support) is named after the Malaysian doctor who invented it.

An anal fissure is very common disorder and often is perpetuated because patients are frequently misdiagnosed with haemorrhoids.

An anal fissure is a tear at the distal part of the anal canal and mostly located at the posterior midline position. It may be present together with haemorrhoids. Typical symptoms are bleeding and pain both during and after a bowel movement. Conservative treatments like sitz baths, and increased water intake are normally ineffective. Medical treat­ments including the use of anal sphincter relaxants and drugs are popular alternatives. However these options are not ideal and may cause side effects.

Surgical lateral anal sphincterotomy that involves cutting the lowest portion of the internal anal sphincter, is often recommended for treating chronic anal fis­sures. This procedure should always be kept as the last option because it is invasive and may cause permanent. fecal incontinence.

In clinical trials HPS was found to have many medical usages and benefits. These were attributed to the mechanical support of the perineum. Various medical institutions are now conducting systematic researches and are yielding very positive results. Scientific papers are been consolidated for publication in medical journals.

The Colerec toilet seat is non-invasive and is anatomically designed to provide optimum support and comfort for the users.

Private colorectal surgeon Francis Seow, previously head of colorectal surgery at Singapore General Hospital, is convinced that it offers patients a good, practical solution to conventional treatment, which could involve surgery in serious cases.

More than 150 of his patients have tried the Colerec toilet seat since it became available in 2008, and most of them have experienced significant improvement in their conditions.

The Colerec toilet seat is not suitable for small-sized people and children who are unable to sit on the knob, and those who travel frequently and are unable to use the seat regularly.

The cost of the Colorec seat is around US$200, a small price for a messy problem.