Aromatherapy is an all-natural way of taking care of oneself using oils that are extracted from plants. It works pretty fast and in a matter of seconds after applying oil, one can already feel the effects, be it mental, emotional or physical.

In simple terms, aromatherapy is a form of therapy where one uses aromas to deal with the illness. The aroma or scents are coming from the oil of plants. The oils extracted from plants are called essential oils. Some refer to those oils as the blood of the plant. There are many types of plants from which these oils can be extracted from. It could be herbs, roots, peel, barks, grass, flowers and many other plant sources.

There are many different ways to extract oils from plant. That said the most popular technique used today is steam distillation. With that technique one is able to separate the water coming out of the plant and the oil itself. The most important part is obviously the essential oil but one can choose to also use the extracted water.

If you are interested in essential oils, remember that those sold in stores are very concentrated. In some cases you may come across bottles having concentration 70 times more than what is found in the plant. That is why it is important to use just a few drops of it. It will be more than enough.

Aromatherapy may have a lot of uses but again you need to know how to properly use the different oils and in which situations they are used. Not all oils are made equal so always make sure you read the label before use.

How aromattherapy oils can benefit your health

Here are 5 essential oils and their uses


This is the oil you can use to calm and relax yourself. Lavender is nurturing and comforting. Of all the essential oils, this is one of the safest and the most popularly used. This is the oil you want to rush to if you get stung by a bug or bitten by any other insect. You can rely on it to deal with burns and wounds.

Lavender oil can also be used for your daily skin care. Just one drop of it to your moisturizer can make a difference and better enhance the rejuvenation of the skin. For a child that is having problems sleeping you can use this oil to relax and calm him down. Again just one drop on the pillow should be enough relax the child and allow him to sleep.

Clary Sage

If you want to raise your spirits during a depressing period of your life, Clary Sage can help. Its uplifting, harmonizing and euphoric qualities will help. If you feel under the weather it will help lift your spirit and bring back happiness. It is an excellent mood enhancer. It is advised not to use this oil during pregnancy but during labour the oil can ease up the deliverance by facilitating contractions. This oil is for those dealing with fear, anxiety, depression and menopause.


Geranium is the oil that can help switch moods. It is regulating, stabilizing, balancing and comforting. If you happen to find yourself in a situation of extreme emotional discomfort, you can rely on Geranium to bring back stability in your emotions. Geranium can also stabilize hormonal imbalances, relieve premenstrual syndrome and help revive a sluggish skin.


An oil can be extracted out of the orange fruit that we all love. In contrast to the other oils that are extracted by steam distillation, the oil from the orange fruit is extracted by centrifugation of the fruit juice itself. The oil can be used as a vaporizer and it brings about a good feeling. You want to use it during those entertainment times to make the environment more conducive for humour. For example you want to use it during your child’s birthday party. Children love that smell and it makes them feel happy.

If feeling a lack of energy and anxiety, orange oil is also an excellent way to deal with it.


Frankincense is a good oil to regenerate the skin, fortify and comfort the body. It has such a powerful effect on the skin that some believe it is the best oil to use to regenerate skin cells. This oil is also used in spirituality. You can inhale it during those times when you want to meditate. It is also good for massage blend if a person is suffering from any respiratory condition.

There are many other oils out there you can choose from. This is just some of them. When going to buy an essential oil, beware of fake products out there. Some companies prefer to use chemically synthesized oils instead of the real ones. Always make sure you read the label carefully before making any purchase.


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