Healthy living has been the aim of most everyone for some time because it ensures long life. A healthy and happy life depends on one’s food habits. Food rich in carbohydrates, increase a person’s body weight because of the accumulation of fat in the body. Many people have developed the habit of eating snacks between meals. These snacks are made of rich calorie content ingredients.

A lot of people lead a sedentary lifestyle. They do less physical work. Lack of proper exercise poses a risk to the proper functioning of their hearts. Hence, people have become very cautious about the type of food they eat these days. The Paleo Diet Plan has been gaining popularity among people who wish to lead a healthy life. This healthy meal plan is aimed at providing a list of food items for each day for a period of two to five weeks. The diet recommends eating fruits and vegetables. It also includes fish and meat of some animals. The meat which contains less fat is called lean meat. In addition to lean meat the plan includes berries, roots, tree nuts and eggs. These food items are easier to digest. They are thought to have been eaten by cavemen in the Paleolithic Age.

The present day life style and careless eating of people can lead to obesity. They easily gain weight, which has been the cause of many diseases. Diabetes and heart diseases have become common among people who develop obesity. The paleo diet plan controls weight gain and it also recommends regular exercise. Excess eating of carbohydrate rich food requires much insulin to process the glucose that surges in the bloodstream. Deficiency in the secretion of insulin leads to type 2 diabetes.

The carbohydrates present in the food items in this diet plan need slow digestion. The antioxidants present in the fruits and vegetables help free flow of blood in the veins and they prevent development of blockages due to deposition of fat in the veins. Hence the health of the heart is ensured.

The Paleo Diet Plan requires you to avoid many foods. Rice and wheat are rich in carbohydrates. Processed foods contain excess salt. Milk, especially cow’s milk and cheese come under the list of foods to be avoided. Avoid foods prepared with added salt. Intake of sugar also leads to weight gain. The Paleo Diet Plan also discourages drinking of alcohol, caffeine and even fruit juice. If the plan is followed properly an individual will feel more energetic than before. The protein content of the foods eaten will help build muscles.

Some people are of the opinion that the food items recommended by Paleo Diet Plan are not easily available. They also raise a question as to whether the plan includes foods which contain essential nutrients. Do they fulfill the requirement of calcium which ensures bone strength, because the plan discourages intake of dairy products?  Hence, before opting for Paleo Diet Plan, it is a good idea to do your own research to determine if it is right for you.

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