It wasn’t a different day; in fact Susan was so accustomed to pushing through her work and home routines that she didn’t consider it as terribly stressful.  But today she felt unusual.  She had a headache that acted different than the others she had once or twice a month.  In her late 40s, she’d also begun to notice her hormones had also been changing; and even thought she’d had a hot flash!  Wasn’t she too young for that?

Stress Can Trigger Migraines

What Susan was experiencing may have been a migraine triggered by layer up on layer of stress and her hormones fluctuating in a state of pre-menopause.  Many women in various stages of menopause deal with frustration and fear when faced with some of the significant changes during these years.  Hot flashes, changes in sleep patterns, foggy thinking, depression and headaches, even migraines are often hallmarks of menopause, and to bring it into further light, in a time in a woman’s life when her schedule is usually brimming with activity.

The years of mid-40s to mid-50s mean most women are busy directing “traffic” in a home with pre-teens or teenagers, managing a position of increasing responsibility at work, dealing with a stressed relationship with a spouse (or a divorce) and possibly dealing with physical ailments of aging parents. Talk about a mudslide of hormones and emotions waiting to happen!

Overwhelmed Adrenal Glands?

Experts in the medical field point out that if, in their 20’s and 30’s women have not nourished the adrenal system through the years, and, instead bombarded them with unresolved emotional stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, too much work and little relaxation, and even lack of sunlight, the years in their 40’s and 50’s can be very challenging for her physically.  This may also include finding ways to manage very painful migraines.

Round and Round

Ironic, isn’t it, that just when a woman reaches the time in her life when she is supposed to be at the apex of it all, her body seems to rebel and go its own course.  Her energy and vitality and sex hormones go through huge dips, causing even further trouble in her ability to perform at work and keep the plates spinning with family responsibilities. This depletion of a woman’s personal and physical resources to try to meet everyone’s needs certainly brings a new round of frustration.  Just finding help in one area could mean a foot in the door in re-gaining control of her life.

When a Migraine Brings You to a Standstill

Pushing through a headache is one thing, but pushing through a crushing and debilitating migraine is quite another.  Generally with a migraine, activity makes it worse.  Standing, moving and especially being in light can make the migraine significantly worse.  So what’s the cure for a migraine like this?

What’s a woman to do?  She can’t simply halt her life day after day waiting and hoping for her hormones and migraines to subside.

Fed up with no Relief?

Many women often find that their migraines are costing them precious time and even worse, the over-the-counter pain pills that they sometimes count on don’t always work their magic on their migraines.

These women push these symptoms away, hoping and wishing they will disappear, but migraines demand your full attention and relief.  Hopefully the gift of pain in this case, will lead other women to decide to be proactive and research their options and what the possible cure for migraines is.

Taking Charge

Every woman’s journey with her own body is very personal.  The most important thing is that you accept your body as your own responsibility.  Listening to your body and noticing what brings joy and fulfilment and takes you towards a stronger and healthier you in every stage of life are the first steps to reducing the stress that can be triggering migraines and finding relief.  Here’s to a healthier you!

Gem Wilson is a writer who understands how an impediment like migraines can affect your daily life. However she believes that there is a cure for migraines somewhere out there and so we should not give up hope finding it.

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