Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning and feeling that something is wrong? Do you feel a heavy heart for no particular reason at all? Do you want to sleep most of the time? Do you prefer to be alone but at the same time hate to be lonely and not having anyone to talk to? Are these experiences new to you and are you worried that you may be going through depression? Most people do not know the difference between sadness and depression, and oftentimes the two are interchanged; some people believe that they are the same. In reality, they really are not; and not being able to distinguish the two hinders anybody from giving a helping hand.


What Is Depression?


People who are going through some difficulties and/or challenges in life go through a state of sadness. Now there’s nothing wrong with being sad; it is just a normal feeling that all people feel, experience, and go through. However, when the feeling of sadness is so intense and it lasts for a very long period of time, say for weeks straight, or months, then it’s no longer sadness – it is depression. Medical doctors refer to this as clinical depression and it is treatable condition.


Signs of Depression


Not all people who feel sad are depressed and so it is important to identify properly the symptoms of depression. Medical, health, and mental experts have identified five (5) of the most common symptoms of depression, as follows:

An Unhappy Mood – People who are suffering from depression are literally unhappy. This is most evident early in the morning as the person wakes up. The general feeling of a depressed person is he or she would rather stay in bed.

Insomnia or Hypersomnia – A depressed person can suffer these two extremes: 1) have difficulty sleeping at night, or 2) oversleep during daytime.  A depressed person is normally observed to have difficulty sleeping at night and they toss and turn in bed until the wee hours of the morning. This is referred to as insomnia. On the opposite extreme, a depressed person may also sleep the entire day, only waking up to eat or to so some menial activities but only to go back to the bed or couch and sleep again.

Fatigue – A depressed person always feels tired, even though he or she has not done anything.

Loss of Interest – The loss of interest on anything one used to love and enjoy is another sign of depression. If a person, for example, used to love watching a television show, and now he or she prefers that the TV is turned off, that should raise the warning sign that the person may be suffering from depression.


What to Do?


The good news is: clinical depression is treatable. So if you feel that you are going through depression or someone you know is, go see your doctor. There are also things that you can do to alleviate the symptoms. A good dose of the morning sunshine will do you much good as it “awakens” your happy hormones called endorphins. Exercise can also help because the activities will also jumpstart your body to activate the “happy hormones”. If you are depressed because of something that is bothering you, talk to someone, a person you trust. All these can help you get over your depression. Lastly, consult your doctor. He knows what’s best for you! This guest post on Depression is written by Siena for AccessRx.com. For more updates on one of America’s safe online pharmacy, follow AccessRx.com on Twitter.


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