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Essential oils

Essential oils are useful for a number of things. Whether you’re making perfume, handmade soap, or simply using the oils for aromatherapy, high quality oils are important. For aromatherapy though, the quality of the oil is extremely important and can affect how well the oil works in the therapy. How do you find good oil though? Here are a few tips on how to choose high quality essential oils.

Make Sure the Oils are 100% Pure

Purity is very important when purchasing high quality essential oils. The oil should only have the ingredient that the oil is supposed to be and nothing more. This means the oil should not be diluted with water or other less expensive ingredients. Always check the label and speak with the vender about the products they sale.

Opt for Organic Oils

Another tip is to shop for organic oils. Organic oils are made with plants that have been organically grown. This means that the ingredients were not grown in pesticides and that the oils were produced in an organic matter. These oils will cost more, but this is a case where you get what you pay for.

Look for Oils That Are Steam Distilled

Steam distilled oils are very high quality. When the plant is steamed, the essence of the plant is captured and distilled into a separate container. This leaves you with an extremely pure oil that is free of foreign ingredients. This is a long process that requires lots of plants to produce a small amount of oil. This means that it will increase the price and you should be wary of oils that seem too low in price.

Seek Out Vendors That Follow the ISO Guidelines

The IOS Guidelines are the International Organization for Standardization Guidelines. These guidelines deal with packaging, labeling, testing, storage, and sampling. A company that follows these rules care about selling you a high quality product.

Remember: Quality Over Quantity

Last, but not least, you want to opt for quality over quantity. When looking at two different companies, one company may offer 8 ounces of lavender oil for $5, while another company may offer one ounce for the same price. While you may be tempted to purchase the larger bottle, you can almost guaranteed that the more expensive bottle will be higher quality. However, also remember that price isn’t a sign of quality. Always do your research with the company to make sure they are selling organic products that are steam distilled and 100% pure.

High quality essential oils are necessary for aromatherapy. Because you will be placing these oils on your skin, in your bath, and breathing in these oils that are put in burners, you want to make sure they are the best of the best.

About the Author: Melodee Fanjoy is a massage therapist who enjoys incorporating aromatherapy into her treatments. She’s currently testing the silver surfer vaporizer and plans to incorporate it into her treatment room!

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