Imagine a hospital stay with no blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, or medical chart clip boards. Imagine robot surgeons, artificial wombs, and a single device that can collect and store all of your medical information. Add a machine that print viable organ tissue and you have yourself an episode of Star Trek.

It may all sound like it’s straight out of the movies, but science fiction is well on its way to becoming science reality. Huge leaps in medical science are made every day, and research into making the artificial womb and even hand-held sonogram devices is already well under way. Prototypes of room-wide control systems are already in use, and the military is actually hoping to develop their version of a Star Trek tricorder to take and compare medical records.

Keep an eye out and an ear open for news of these incredible advancements. Who knows? Maybe one day, the TVs will even work consistently.

From: Top Masters in Healthcare

The rooms of hospitals in the new world

Futuristic Rooms of Hospital

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