Exercise balls, also known as stability balls, add a new dimension to traditional yoga. These balls help to alleviate built-up tension by relaxing the back and neck muscles. They are a tool that can be added to any yoga program and are especially useful for people with a bad back.

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

Using these balls will help you stretch your back out gently so that you can physically feel the tension draining away. Simply rest against the ball and then lean back slowly and carefully. As you begin rolling you’ll start to feel loose and relaxed.

You’ll be able to assume new positions that cannot be reached with regular stretching or yoga. While it may seem unnatural, you’ll have to curve your body over one of these exercise balls to see for yourself just how natural it feels. The ball seems to absorb your weight, which results in a feeling of weightlessness. It is a relaxing stretch while at the same time a very powerful one.

Many yoga enthusiasts cannot perform regular yoga positions due to problems with their back. For these people, exercise balls give them the chance to be a yoga participant. Some back issues leave a person with a severe shortage of flexibility and they simply cannot move their bodies enough to enjoy regular yoga.

Not just for bad backs

These balls are great for flexible strong people that just want to add more to their exercise routine.  Stability balls can offer a balance challenge to many yoga poses. If you have reached a certain plateau with your yoga and are ready to go on to a new level, an exercise ball can give you the extra challenge you need.

Yoga balls also strengthen flexibility and endurance. As you follow your yoga program you’ll be able to stretch out in various ways to make your body more flexible. You’ll find your endurance rise as well. You’ll have to concentrate on balance and this will give you a better ability to focus on the task at hand and the rest of your yoga workout.

Besides yoga…

These balls aren’t used only for yoga, however. Some people are replacing the chairs in their office with an exercise ball. While sitting down to attend to their office work they are developing their abdominal and back muscles since it takes an extra effort to remain balanced on the ball.

As well, these balls are commonly used by pregnant women during labor. The woman sits with her back against the ball, which helps the baby get in the right fetal position. These balls are growing in popularity as a birthing tool and have assumed a new identity – the “birth ball” – in the process.

Exercise balls offer a well-rounded yoga routine for people with bad backs or for enthusiasts that want to add something new to their practice. There are also specific exercises available that require the ball in order to be performed. If you haven’t yet had the chance to try one out for yourself, give it a go. You’ll find that your yoga performance will rise to new levels faster and with less effort.

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