Sound Therapy is now successfully being used to treat many brain and hearing problems. As one of the alternative home remedies, it has helped numerous people in tackling problems like insomnia and hearing loss. If your child is suffering from learning disabilities, this wonderful technique can actually help him.
In fact, if you have ears, you can capitalize on the powerful advantages of this therapy regardless of your age and gender.


Origins of Sound Therapy

The ancient cultures of India and Tibet have made use of sound to heal ailments related to the brain and ears. The major religions of the world also insist on singing chants in a particular rhythm for improving hearing and other problems related to the brain.
Dr. Alfred Tomatis, an ENT specialist, used this technique to help people suffering from industrial deafness. After finding that this therapy had positive results on them, he applied it to children suffering from autism and dyslexia. This therapy helped those children too.
Dr. Tomatis successfully established that by using correct sounds the performance of the brain and ears can be improved.


How the Therapy Works

The therapy using sound involves stimulation of muscles. Research has found that mind always tries to decipher the sound that it hears. When the ear muscles grow weak due to age or some ailment, they are unable to capture sounds in their correct state. As a result, the brain fails to decipher them effectively.
This therapy uses sounds in definite frequencies to stimulate the muscles of the ears. In this way, the muscles regain their strength, and the brain starts deciphering the sounds successfully.


How Sound Therapy fares as Compared to other Home Remedies

This therapy has proven to be more effective than other home remedies for various brain and hearing problems. Whether it is speech therapy, use of hearing aids, medication, changes in diet, meditation, memory exercises, or other home remedies, none can extend a holistic impact in treating the problems as Sound Therapy does.


Evidence Supporting the Benefits of Healing with Sound

Research has proved that this therapy can be called a remedy for emotional as well as physical disorders related to the brain and ears. In 1989, Sandislands carried out a research in which 32 under-performing students were compared to a group of 40 students. The group that received the Sound Therapy showed improvement in their learning abilities.
In 1994, Joudry led a research on a group of 388 people. The people in the group had been suffering from sleep and learning troubles, fatigue, depression, stress, tinnitus, etc. 45% to 100% of them confirmed that they gained positive results from this therapy.


How this Therapy can Help

This therapy can contribute to your life for any emotional as well as physical disability. It is known to have improved hearing power as well as learning abilities. Children, who have used this therapy, have earned better grades in school.


  • Improves memory: This therapy plays a supportive role in improving memory, especially as you grow older. The neurons are the minute cells that are networked by branching filaments. The filaments utilize chemical and electrical energy for making the network function. The fresh connections are created when the neurons are fired. The more new connections are created, the more intense and stronger the neuron network will become. Powerful neuron network means better memory. Now, Sound Therapy encourages the brain neurons to fire efficiently and leads to the development of new connections in the brain.


  • A great help in insomnia and stress: If you are suffering from insomnia, this therapy can provide great assistance in handling this problem. Sleeplessness is caused largely due to unmanageable stress. The incessant cortical excitation does not let you fall asleep. Sound therapy helps in reducing the level of stress and in creating a relaxed state of mind. This tranquil state induces sleep. As you start focusing on the sounds that have elevated frequency levels, you will get the experience of the pre-birth state. This experience is very helpful in calming your deep-seated anxieties.


  • Lends greater ability to appreciate and practice music: Since this therapy makes a positive impact on your ability to listen, you will benefit greatly if you want to enjoy and practice music more profoundly than earlier. It will help you in enhancing your auditory faculties and improving perception of the tones and notes.


  • Get relief from tinnitus: Tinnitus refers to a hearing disorder where a patient hears ringing sound. The duration of the sound depends on the condition of the patient. In some cases, it has been found to last for days. This therapy provides relief to such patients by introducing them to sounds of varied frequencies. This method stimulates the inner muscles of the ears to restore to their healthier state.


The way towards a healthier YOU: Using Sound Therapy as a home remedy

Unlike other home remedies and therapies, this therapy does not require you to step out of your home. You can use this therapy at home, at work or any other place wherever you are comfortable. In fact, there is no constraint on the time of usage also. The kind of music to which you need to listen is what makes all the difference.

It has been found that only a specific genre of music played at a certain frequency can benefit you. You can get such special music online. The music that is specially created for this therapy lends a stimulating effect on your brain and the ears. The frequency of the music keeps changing. It teases the muscles of your ears to adjust continually to the shifting frequency.

Another kind of music may not be as effective or may even worsen your state of health. Therefore, you should consult a sound therapist for knowing what kind of music would benefit you the most. Once you have the knowledge of the correct type of music, you can do the therapy on your own.
Embrace the power of sound in your life and reap great results. Sound therapy is not known to cause any side effects. That is why you do not have to be suffering from any malady to get benefits from this amazing alternative therapy. Use it to for an emotionally enriching experience.

Author: Sam Billings is the owner of Home Remedies Log, a website devoted to alternative medicine and home remedies. His works can be found on numerous health sites around the web where he focuses on how to to treat certain health conditions in a natural and holistic way.