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Be Healthy During Pregnancy

eat healthily when pregnant

What is life without good health? Most of the things that most of us enjoy most of all, such as playing with our children or grandchildren, playing sport with friends, walking in the park with our loved ones, doing something else with our loved one which is generally not discussed in polite society, and a myriad other partly physical activities, are significantly less enjoyable for those unfortunate enough to live without good health.

Obviously health is doubly important during pregnancy. Some people live with permanent health problems, incurable conditions and, although some of them manage to enjoy life, they probably struggle to do so and would do almost anything to have better health. That is why we should never take our health for granted.

The standard advice of eating sensibly and exercising regularly is really not very difficult to follow, and yet an increasingly huge number of people these days are overweight, diabetic, stressed or depressed, have heart disease or high blood pressure, and yet nearly all of these conditions could be avoided by following those two, simple pieces of advice. They are both especially applicable to pregnant women. How many ways are there, for example, to incorporate a bit of exercise into your daily routine?

Take the stairs instead of the lift
Invest in a bicycle and use it
Walk, walk, walk
Go jogging in the park
Do some sit ups, push ups and squats


It’s Easy

Eating sensibly is really a no brainer. We all know what constitutes junk food, but some of us simply lack the will power to stop ourselves from eating the stuff. Being pregnant makes a difference, of course. There could be no greater incentive to eat right than having a baby growing inside you. Eat your fruit and vegetables, plus just enough potatoes, bread or rice for carbohydrates, and not too much fat or sugar. Repeat a hundred times: not too much fat or sugar.

A much better way to lose weight than by counting the calories, however, is by burning them. If you live on the twentieth floor, take the stairs up to the fifth and then take the lift the rest of the way. Climbing is better exercise than descending, but walking down a few floors is also good exercise. If you live in a house, maybe you work on the tenth floor. Walk up a few floors, each and every time you go up. This absolutely applies to pregnant women, too, but perhaps just a floor or two less. Perhaps the canteen is just a few floors below you. If so, walk.

It’s easier and less time consuming than going to a gymnasium. And on that subject, some people enjoy running on a treadmill, half an hour of going nowhere with no change of scenery. If that includes you then go to a gym and tread the mill, but if not then you may prefer actually going somewhere, breathing fresh air and seeing something. Start by walking for just ten minutes if that is as much as you can manage, and gradually work your way up to walking faster and faster. Then it is time to start running, for longer and longer, further and further. Most public parks have paths or running tracks, and some forests or woodlands have tracks, which are even more fun to run on. Running is not just a good way to burn calories and strengthen the heart, it is the best. However, walking at a reasonable speed is also very good and probably wiser during pregnancy.

Walk to the shops. Carrying the shopping home is really good, all round exercise. At the very least you could carry it to the car rather than using a trolley. Walk to your friends’ house if it is not too far. Walk around your local shopping centre, do a few laps. You don’t need running shoes, you don’t need appropriate clothing unless you are pregnant, and you certainly don’t need a treadmill. In fact you don’t actually need anything to go for a walk.


Do It at Home

Especially if you are pregnant, there is no need to go anywhere to exercise. So long as you have appropriate maternity wear, all you need is an exercise mat on the floor. Jumping may not be a good idea for pregnant mums, but just stretch your arms and legs, do some gentle squats, sit ups and push ups. Find positions where the weight resistance is enough to make you breathe hard but not too much. Be sure to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and you can choose your own pace and duration. Exercise is important but it need not be difficult. You can do it in front of the TV or to the sound of music. Make a dance routine of it. Don’t overdo it but do it regularly.

This article was written by Deane Schwarz for Maternity Wear. Maternity Wear offers quality, stylish and affordable maternity clothes online. Deane has two children and enjoys blogging about family related things.

Pregnancy Dreams

Thanks to the extra hormones running through your body, restless sleep and the excitement and anxiety of pregnancy, you may be experiencing some crazy, irregular, vivid dreams right now, (well, not at this exact moment else you wouldn’t be reading this!) There are many common themes within pregnancy dreams so I thought I’d take a look at a few and see what they could mean.

Dream, Dream, Dream

Driving: if you’ve been driving a lot in your dreams, your mind could be reflecting upon the journey you are going through during pregnancy. Mothers often dream about driving large vans, busses and lorries which they aren’t used to. These images are triggered by how pregnant mothers can often feel awkward manoeuvring their bodies and getting used to their shape and size.

Erotic dreams: these dreams can be triggered by many aspects of pregnancy. In the third trimester, it is often difficult to have sex so the mind may be making up for a lack of sexual activity. Also, these dreams can reflect the insecurities which come with a growing and changing body shape. The dreams are your mind reassuring you that you are attractive to other people and still desirable. Finally, many people describe how guilty they feel after having a saucy encounter with an ex in a dream! This is actually very common as your mind is dwelling on the past in order to move forward and embrace the next stage of your life.

Infidelity: many women find their husbands having an affair in their dreams, or have to stand by while another woman flirts or even kisses their partner. These dreams can be very upsetting, but only stem from the insecurities which your pregnancy brings. Your mind knows you need all the support and strength you can get and the primal fear of being left alone is translating into these dreams.

Water: floods, baths, torrential rain, lakes, rivers and canals pop up all the time in pregnant women’s dreams! Some believe this is linked to the water gathering in the womb while others think it’s our subconscious making sense of the idea of ‘waters breaking’. It could also be about washing your past away and starting anew or the need to look after and nurture your mind.

Animals: whether you’re giving birth to a puppy, looking after a beloved pet or watching as your cat morphs into your baby in your dream, you’re not alone. Dreaming of animals is common throughout pregnancy and could be linked to the idea of nurturing and bonding with someone or something you can’t communicate with. Your mind is also playing around with the idea of another presence entering your life. Some people believe animals in dreams are telling us to trust our instincts, as we all have the instinct to love and nurture those who are more vulnerable than us.

Your baby: often during the last stages of pregnancy you’ll find your baby’s face, name and gender appearing in your dreams. This is your excitement and anticipation showing through in your subconscious. Studies also show that pregnant women are known to see their baby’s face in 15% percent of their remembered dreams! Some people believe names shown to them in a dream are significant, while others see the baby’s gender and face as premonitions. It’s more likely that your mind is eagerly waiting the birth and thinking ahead to better prepare you for the big day!

Whatever you’re dreaming about right now, try to relax and don’t put too much meaning onto the dreams. Dreams are our mind’s way of making sense of life and if you happen to stumble across the perfect name in a dream then all the better!

This article is written by Rose who is interested in dreams and whether they can help you predict baby names for your little one.