The redness and the enlargement of the rectal region result in the development of hemorrhoids. This can take place either internally, where the inflammation happens in the rectal canal, or externally, where the inflammation happens outside of the rectum. It can be brought about by a lot of factors including pregnancy, constipation, being overweight or having a diet consisting of low-fiber foods only.

There are plenty of ways to alleviate what can be irritating symptoms of hemorrhoids and fortunately, herbal remedies can do a lot in terms of hemorrhoids management. Rarely do hemorrhoids progress into a severe condition anyway, and in most cases, it is a not a life-threatening condition. Using herbs can help drive out the unpleasant feelings, reduce the swelling and heal the condition.

Below is a list of herbs that are useful for treating hemorrhoids.

Topical Method

  • Witch Hazel Oil. This product is really very popular that even drugstores keep a substantial supply of this because of demand and effectiveness. Witch hazel is used as a mild styptic and if rubbed against an external hemorrhoids, the result will bring quick relief. It also works to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels, making the condition less painful. The oil can also be added to a warm bath, which you can soak on for at least fifteen minutes every day.
  • Aloe Vera. Use of aloe vera is pretty rampant and well known as its properties serve to cool down burning and inflammation of any type of wound. If you can purchase aloe vera gel capsules, you can break this down and then use the oil along with a tissue paper to wipe the affected part. You will soon notice the hemorrhoids becoming smaller in size, especially if the aloe vera solution is applied regularly.
  • Tee Tree Oil. This potent oil should always be used alongside water, so that it will not bring further irritation. But when applied to the hemorrhoids, it works effectively against itching, redness and swelling. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-myotic properties. What’s more, it’s also effective in building up the immune systems, so that your body can ward off infection better.

Internal/Oral Method

  • Phyllium. This herb is found in pharmaceutical hemorrhoids products like Metamucil. About three grams of this added to eight ounces of water may be taken daily as a supplement drink. The plant has rich fiber properties that help with the digestion of food properly, so that stools are softer in texture and just right in size.
  • Butcher’s Broom. Boil this herb as you would any tea, and drink at least a cup daily. The compounds from this contain ruscogen, which helps with alleviating tissues that have inflamed.

If )nspite the constant use of these herbal medications and the hemorrhoids is still present, seek the advise of the doctor right away to find other solutions for treating the condition.

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