A lot of people get excited at the prospect of attracting good energy into their home using the ancient Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui. Its goal is to balance the energies in a certain area. Once there is balance, all aspects of one’s life can improve for the better, be it physical or mental health, or wealth, career, relationships and family.

With so many things that are out of your control, wouldn’t you also want to take control of what’s happening around and inside your home in order to bring harmony and balance to your life? Feng Shui could be beneficial to you and your health. But you should also be aware that attracting positive energy also needs some work on your part. You might have to move furniture around or get rid of mess. All in all, you have to face the fact that though the Feng Shui part is exciting, the decluttering portion can be exhausting and, at times, daunting.


Decluttering – The First Step to Achieving Balance

Cleaning up your messy home might seem like such a customary chore for you. This, however, plays a huge role in finding balance and harmony. Decluttering the mess can help get rid of negative energy and attract positive energy. In Feng Shui, there are certain points within and outside of a house that need special attention. You have to check outside and also the main entrance to your home. Then, there’s also what’s known as the Feng Shui trinity, which are: the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. These will be discussed briefly below.


Focusing on the Exterior

The type of energy that goes into your home will also depend on what sort of energy your outdoor environment is attracting. For example, houses located on a cul-de-sac or those at a T-junction generally attract bad energy. Still, each house is different and there are many ways to get good Chi flowing through your home. Many experts, for instance, will suggest that if there are big trees near your house, it is important to cut these or to ensure that these are trimmed well. Not only is this a part of Feng Shui, but it will also be for your safety. Having a nice garden, be it big or small, can also attract good quality energy.




Improving Your Front Door

The front door is where all the Chi or energy goes through. Certain items or even the positioning of furniture can block good Chi or can deter good energy from flowing freely into your home. To attract positive energy, try to achieve a look that says “Welcome!” Hang some attractive plants near the entrance or repair or repaint a broken door.


Attracting Good Chi into the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation. Therefore, get rid of clutter. Now is certainly the time for you to get your things organized. Throw away things that are broken or those that can no longer be reused or recycled. Donate, store or give away clothes, shoes and other items that you no longer need or those that you haven’t used in a year. Let some sunshine in and have a healthy pot of plant inside your room too.


Drawing Positive Energy to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

It’s so easy for a kitchen to become messy, especially if you’re always doing some home cooking. But it’s vital to keep your kitchen closets, pantry, and also your refrigerator well-organized in order to attract good quality Chi. Remember that the kitchen plays a huge role in health as it is where families gather to eat and fortify their bonds. As for the bathroom, attract positive energy with natural light, as well as candles. Have items that make you feel good about yourself, like incense or some essential oils that help you to relax.


This blog post was contributed by Claire Kurt, a freelancer who is avidly interested in home improvement and health issues. Some of her articles about storage and how mess can affect health have been used by businesses, like US Storage Centers.