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How To Know If You Are Depressed

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning and feeling that something is wrong? Do you feel a heavy heart for no particular reason at all? Do you want to sleep most of the time? Do you prefer to be alone but at the same time hate to be lonely and not having anyone to talk to? Are these experiences new to you and are you worried that you may be going through depression? Most people do not know the difference between sadness and depression, and oftentimes the two are interchanged; some people believe that they are the same. In reality, they really are not; and not being able to distinguish the two hinders anybody from giving a helping hand.


What Is Depression?


People who are going through some difficulties and/or challenges in life go through a state of sadness. Now there’s nothing wrong with being sad; it is just a normal feeling that all people feel, experience, and go through. However, when the feeling of sadness is so intense and it lasts for a very long period of time, say for weeks straight, or months, then it’s no longer sadness – it is depression. Medical doctors refer to this as clinical depression and it is treatable condition.


Signs of Depression


Not all people who feel sad are depressed and so it is important to identify properly the symptoms of depression. Medical, health, and mental experts have identified five (5) of the most common symptoms of depression, as follows:

An Unhappy Mood – People who are suffering from depression are literally unhappy. This is most evident early in the morning as the person wakes up. The general feeling of a depressed person is he or she would rather stay in bed.

Insomnia or Hypersomnia – A depressed person can suffer these two extremes: 1) have difficulty sleeping at night, or 2) oversleep during daytime.  A depressed person is normally observed to have difficulty sleeping at night and they toss and turn in bed until the wee hours of the morning. This is referred to as insomnia. On the opposite extreme, a depressed person may also sleep the entire day, only waking up to eat or to so some menial activities but only to go back to the bed or couch and sleep again.

Fatigue – A depressed person always feels tired, even though he or she has not done anything.

Loss of Interest – The loss of interest on anything one used to love and enjoy is another sign of depression. If a person, for example, used to love watching a television show, and now he or she prefers that the TV is turned off, that should raise the warning sign that the person may be suffering from depression.


What to Do?


The good news is: clinical depression is treatable. So if you feel that you are going through depression or someone you know is, go see your doctor. There are also things that you can do to alleviate the symptoms. A good dose of the morning sunshine will do you much good as it “awakens” your happy hormones called endorphins. Exercise can also help because the activities will also jumpstart your body to activate the “happy hormones”. If you are depressed because of something that is bothering you, talk to someone, a person you trust. All these can help you get over your depression. Lastly, consult your doctor. He knows what’s best for you! This guest post on Depression is written by Siena for For more updates on one of America’s safe online pharmacy, follow on Twitter.


Kiwifruit has amazing health benefits

Kiwifruit is one of my favourite fruits. It tastes good and has a long shelf life. Of all the popular fruits consumed in the world today, Kiwifruit is the most nutrient-rich. It is an excellent source of Vitamins C , E and A and high in dietary fibre. Kiwifruit has twice the amount of vitamin C than orange, 3 times that of mango, 11 times that of banana and 16 times that of apple.

It is low in fat and sugar and contains no cholesterol. Most fruits have one or two nutrients but kiwifruit has a broad complement of nutrients. Among the fruits with low-sodium and high-potassium, kiwifruit ranks number one, having more potassium than a banana or citrus fruit. It also contain phosphorous, magnesium and copper.


Health Benefits of Kiwifruit


Kiwifruit contains an anti-mutagenic component which helps to prevent the mutations of genes that may initiate the cancer process.
Kiwifruit has been shown to aid the prevention of nitrosation, a process when carcinogenic nitrates, created during smoking or barbecuing of food, is ingested.

In laboratories tests, kiwifruit extract was found to inhibit melanoma, a type of skin cancer.Arginine, an amino acid found in kiwifruit, improve post angioplasty blood flow and actually prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries.

Kiwifruit contains an important phytochemical known as Lutein which is linked to the prevention of prostate and lung cancer.
Studies have indicated that kiwifruit contains a not-yet-isolated compound that accelerates digestive transit time which help to prevent colorectal cancer. This laxative action decreases the build-up of cancer-promoting metabolites.

Kiwifruit is one of the few fruits that are green when ripe, and chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll, is believed to be an inhibitor of liver carcinogenesis.

Eye Health

Kiwifruit contains Carotenoids lutein, the natural compounds that give various fruits, vegetable and flowers their rich red, orange and yellow colors.

Carotenoids lutein promotes clear vision by absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and neutralizing free radicals in the retina (the light-sensitive portion of the eye). This may help to reduce the risk of macular degeneration, an age-related vision disorder that is the leading cause of blindness in older adults. Some studies have revealed that people who consumed a high quantity of carotenoid lutein have a 20 – 50% lower risk of getting a cataract.

Heart Health

Kiwifruit is particularly high in two amino acids: arginine and glutamate. Arginine dilates the arterioles and improve the blood flow which is important for heart health.

Kiwifruit a good source of vitamin E and Magnesium which are crucial for a healthy heart. It also contain pectin which has been shown to lower cholesterol.
Kiwifruit has a good sodium/potassium ratio which is critical for a healthy heart.



Arginine is known to be effective in the widening of blood vessels and relaxation of muscles and may be helpful in treating impotence in men.


Inositol is found in kiwifruit. Recent studies have shown that inositol functions as a precursor of an intracellular second messenger system and is beneficial in the treatment of depression.


The presence of Inositol in the kiwifruit makes it great for diabetes patients, as it helps regulate the body hormones and neurotransmitters.

Stress Reduction

Kiwifruit contains a relatively high level of serotonin which provide a calming effect in most individuals.
Physical Fitness
Kiwifruit contains a wide range of electrolytes that is essential for replenishing those lost during rigorous exercises.


Kiwifruit is highly effective in easing indigestion. It contains an enzyme called actinidin that may make an excellent meat tenderizer. It is also a rich source of potassium, which is needed to stimulate the flow of digestive juices.

Joints Pain

The enzymes found in Kiwifruit could benefit people who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia. These enzymes are also beneficial for anyone with low back pain, hip pain and sciatica. If you suffer from inflammation of the joints and muscles you should consume kiwi fruit regularly.
Kiwifruit contains close to 10% of the recommended daily value of folic acid (vitamin B9) which is vital for the health of mother and child during pregnancy, and for the prevention of birth defects.


Kiwifruit contains Zinc which is important for boys and men because it helps produce testosterone. In addition, Zinc is essential in for healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails
Kiwifruit is an ideal fruit to have for breakfast, or simply as a desert or snack. It is easy to eat and digest which is important for lazy people. It is good to eat a kiwifruit if you have a heavy meal to help digest the protein rich meal.