Black Garlic has amazing Health Properties including Psoriasis Treatment

Black garlic is a type of fermented garlic used mainly as a food ingredient in Asian countries especially in Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Black garlic is produced by fermenting fresh white garlic at high temperatures in a humidity-controlled environment for about one month. It tastes sweet with a tinge of vinegar and tamarind.

It was first introduced by a Japanese researcher in 2005 and further studies have suggested that black garlic is effective in reducing the size of tumours in laboratory mice. The study was subsequently published in a Global Science Book journal about medicinal plant science.

The Koreans use it as a health supplement and the Thais believe it increases the longevity of consumers. Black garlic has only become popular recently in the United States as a sought-after ingredient for high-end cuisine.

Black garlic is loaded with almost twice the amount of disease fighting antioxidants as white garlic. It consists of 198 units per gram of antioxidants compared with 119 units per gram in white garlic. Therefore black garlic has more potent antibacterial properties than white garlic.

A pungent oily liquid called Allicine is found in white garlic and has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Through the fermentation process, the Allicine in the black garlic is turned into S-Allcysteine, which is water soluble, making it much easier to be absorbed into our bodies.

Black garlic is much less pungent, sweet and a bit sour which makes it palatable and appealing to some people. The taste has been compared to that of a dried fruit, smoky and chewy.  It’s also great for cooking, and will make a ‘mean’ garlic sauce.

Black Garlic Cures Psoriasis

Black Garlic

Black Garlic is excellent for Psoriasis Treatment

Black garlic is a natural blood purifier and has been used as an alternative medicine for a number of conditions, including psoriasis. Consume two to three black garlic cloves every morning, preferably on an empty stomach. It is effective in removing the toxins out of the blood and help to relieve your psoriasis.

There is no need to worry about eating too much black garlic as there is no side effect in consuming this “modern health food”.

Health Properties of Garlic

  • neutralizes and suppresses toxins which produces germs (control psoriasis)
  • helps fight against cancer, especially colorectal
  • reduces bad cholesterol
  • stimulates the burning of sugar and fats (slimming effect)
  • allows Vitamin B1 to be smoothly absorbed by the digestive tract
  • prevents thrombosis as well as brain and myocardial infarction
  • promotes the absorption of proteins
  • promotes active secretion of hormones (rejuvenation effect)
  • activates insulin, a positive effect against diabetes
  • strengthens the liver
  • acts as a strong antioxidant
  • raises body temperature and acts as antibiotic.

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