Hello, my name is Chong Yim (CY).  I launched MINDSandBODY to provide a platform for people seeking medical treatment and healthcare information.

Websites set up by healthcare establishments and related agencies tend to be static and lack  interaction. Despite the availability of useful information and data, visitors to such websites are often unsure of where to look for the right things, what to expect, who to get advice and how to proceed.

My objectives are to assist people with a medical problem to source for the best available treatment and to provide useful information on healthcare matters and wellness.

I am not a doctor and do not claim to have the authority in medicine and qualified in healthcare matters. However I  understand the difficulties, anxieties and in many cases, helplessness faced by people, who for various reasons, could not find the best option or information.

I hope this blog can also serve as a “virtual meeting place” for professionals in the medical and healthcare related industries to share their knowledge and experiences. Visitors to this blog are welcome to comment, request for information, contribute and share their stories and experiences.

Contributors are kindly requested to moderate their comments and refrain from controversial issues.

I reserve the right to publish reader’s contribution and remove any comment that is deemed unsuitable.